Have you lost a model helicopter?

When I mowed the lawn today, I found a model helicopter that had 'crash landed' in my garden in Bobbits Way. It's white and yellow, with black rotor blades, and it has 'Nincoair' written on it (I've given a description as it's probably useless without its matching radio control, which will only be with the owner)

It it fell into thick vegetation so appears to be completely undamaged, but of course it's probably been out in the rain last night. I last mowed the lawn on Sunday 12th and it wasn't there then, so it must have crashed sometime between then and now. 

If if it's yours, PM me and you can come and collect it from Bobbits Way. 


  • Amazing- thought we had lost this forever- gust of wind took it away from The Nook- my son's Christmas present from his brother.
    My number 07598 251648

  • Will text you in the morning with address for collection
  • Just goes to show how useful this forum is!
  • pitfall said:
    Just goes to show how useful this forum is!
    Yes indeed - the helicopter has just now been reunited with its pilot!
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