Mango & Lime Curry House

I see the Bengal has either had a rebranding or is under new ownership. 

While they were lovely people, I do rather hope it's the latter as it's not been great there recently. 

Anyone got any inside info?



  • New owners
  • Hopefully, this will be a turn for the better, as we've not had great experiences there either...
  • Us too ... We had given up trying the food there about a year ago. Here's to success for the new owners - we need to cherish and support our foodie places! 
  • Amen to that, Savvy.
  • We had a takeaway last night and I am afraid to say we where very disappointed.  
    I could not even finish my meal .
    We have been having our takeaway/meals there for 10 yrs and most of the time it's been great .
    It's also gone up in price by nearly £10 !!!! 
    So sorry to say we probably won't order again as at that price we can not keep trying to find a dish we like .
    I always like to support local businesses but I'm sorry to say I think I will be going somewhere else in future.
    The whole menu has changed .
  • messy said:
    The whole menu has changed .
    I was hoping it would - but in a good way.
  • Things like chicken nuggets on the menu suggest it may not be a change for the better as it has gone random! Wivenhoe is crying out for a chinese restaurant / take away. Wish one would come soon!
  • Well, Tasty Kitchen is pretty good, but it's neither a restaurant, nor takeaway, but they have a telephone ordering & efficient home delivery service..?
  • We decided not to jump to conclusions over the presence of Chicken Nuggets (a nice touch for parents with kids who don't like spicy food maybe) or the different menu (!!?!) and gave Mango & Lime a go this evening.

    They are a huge improvement over Bengal Spice. Really lovely, fresh flavours and spices. Lots of standard Anglo/Bangladeshi stuff as with the previous owners. It's mostly the same dishes but in a different order on the menu, but there are some really interesting Chef's Specialities and a load of curries with fish in them which is a big thing for us. 

    I can thoroughly recommend. Owner seems like a top fella too. 

  • That sounds promising Mike! 
  • That's a relief.
  • Have just had a delicious meal there
  • Went to this restaurant last night and had an gorgeous meal!! So much better under the new owners! Can't wait to go back. Prices are no different from any other Indian restaurant just quality food 
  • 25% more expensive and way less quality. A right shame! 
  • We ate there on Friday and loved it - just getting rid of the moody service from the previous older guy at Bengal was a big improvement.  We had to wait for a table, which is a good sign - I like seeing local restaurants full and thriving.

    If only we could one of the Bakehouse or Tapas back open as well....
  • Sounds like they are inconsistent. Even then what used to be £26 for our usual is now £36. 

    Food was overcooked, not fresh and poor quality. 

    Maybe when they're busy it's much better. 

  • Never again
  • Eaten there twice now and found it to be very good. Maybe it's a taste thing. 

  • Maybe good when busy but awful when quiet. 
  • Takeaway on Thursday night .... chicken tikka biriani for me, prawn dansak and pilau rice for Him Indoors, shared a chana massala and a peshwari naan. It was all absolutely gorgeous!
  • Mottza said:
    Maybe good when busy but awful when quiet. 
    Not my experience, both of ours were on quiet nights. 
  • Have been twice under the new management and had delicious meals a definite improvement. Good luck to them
  • Got to say that new owners have hit much closer to traditional flavours whilst incorporating family friendly items onto a revamped menu. Much better than it was. A shame if you loved the taste of pre-cooked curries from the last owners! These are, however, available for a fraction of the price in any given supermarket!
  • Eaten in once, very good. One takeaway which was also good. Not the cheapest but I guess you can't really have it both ways.
  • Mrs G and I couldn't fault it. Lovely delicious, freshly cooked food and great friendly service. A bit more expensive than before but you get what you pay for. We will be returning.
  • Our first visit there last night, and went with an open mind, but returned with full and happy tummies! Great tasting food, no hint of 'generic' curry and worth that  bit more it costs. Also friendly and welcoming staff.
  • We had a takeaway from Lime-Curry house recently and is was very good. Value for money
  • I have to ask. What is the point of this thread? I've had very nice meals at various Wivenhoe places recently but I haven't seen any reason for commemorating them online. 
  • @Quentin You're familiar with TripAdvisor, right?
  • Of course. I've written very many reviews for them.  I'm just wondering why there is such a focus on this particular restaurant. In my humble opinion, there is a certain disproportion here. 
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