Food for Thought: The Banquet - in aid of Colchester Food Bank. Friday, 31st March

In case any of you wondered what it is you get when you qualify for and receive a food parcel from a Food Bank...

Yes, prepare yourself for a treat of a three course meal - FOR THREE QUID!

That's right. Three quid. The average cost of providing the average Food Bank meal. You might be surprised at the quality of what you are served up. 

The idea is of course to come and find out what the Food Bank does and just how much is needed to run it.

You might even decide you could support it in one way or another... Donations are invited on the night; no upper or lower limit. Perhaps donate however much you think your meal was worth in excess of £3.

Or you may wish to go further.

It will certainly provide food for thought. Booking details on the poster.

If you know anyone that you think might be eligible for food parcels, please discreetly pass on the mobile number on the poster. Any calls will be handled with utmost sensitiivty.


  • Bumpity bump!

    Come on folks! A bit of comfort food, good company in a good cause - and maybe even some impromptu entertainment from the Rockin' Rev...!

    Unmissable, surely.
  • If anybody would like to come but cannot get to buy a ticket, please send a text to the number on the poster, stating a name and number of tickets required, and the tickets will be waiting on the door.

    The number is 07704 947288.

    Please use texts only for this, but all requests will be confirmed.



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    I will be collecting/shopping for the banquet at noon on Friday so, as much as it would be great to see you turn up unannounced to support this event, it would be great if you could at least send a text to the number above to let us know you're coming.

    You never know, it might even be fun, or a good networking event...

    Everyone has to be somewhere on a Friday evening. Even if you don't feel you can wholeheartedly support the event or are scared of churches, just come and have a 3 course meal for £3. We won't shame you into giving any more.

    The Community initiatives through the Congregational Church are not - and never will be about holding out the begging bowl.

    Punters will always get great value. Proceeds and profits go to good local causes so that we don't have to have money forcibly taken from us to support those causes.

    You can't say any fairer than that.
  • If you want to come to this exciting banquet and help a good cause, please text the above number, or simply turn up on the night (tonight!).

    There will be water and copious amounts of tea and coffee available to drink.  There will not be any alcohol, because the Foodbank does not provide that, but the organisers have no problem you want to bring your own.

    We will be setting up from about 3:30 for an hour or so, and tickets will also be available then. Please call in and say hello.

    Looking forward to a fun and very experimental off the wall sort of evening, with a lot of improvisation as the event progresses.



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