Sheila Kerr (nee Clench)

I received this message on Facebook and wondered if anyone can help? I can pass on any messages if you wish.

"The reason for getting in touch with you is because I have connections with Wivenhoe, my paternal grandparents lived there, and I am wondering if any of my cousins are still in Wivenhoe, my maiden name was Clench, my cousins Alec Selley, John Keep and Ann Sawyer I cannot remember her married name, we are all in our sixties now, I'm sure Wivenhoe has expanded since I was last there which was approx 47 years ago, I live in Dartmouth Devon my dad was John Clench he had six sisters, Betty Selley, Molly Keep, Ivy King, Phyllis Sawyer, June Tracy and Rose surname unknown. I wondered if any of you know of any of the above mentioned, if so perhaps if they want to they could contact me through face book"  


  • Hi Daisy, 

    Karan Bowes passed me this message from Sheila Kerr. I have just joined the Wivenhoe Forum so that I can reply directly to you.  Sheila Kerr is my first cousin. Her father John Clench was the brother of my late mother Ivy King, mentioned in Sheila's message. He was also my godfather.  Sheila and I had the same grandparents, Percy and Gertie Clench, who lived in Manor Road.  The other cousins mentioned by Sheila, i.e. Alec Selley, John Keep and Ann White nee Sawyer are all still living here in Wivenhoe.  Only three of John Clench's sisters are still alive, Phyllis Sawyer, June Tracey and Rosie.  I do use Facebook and did try and locate Sheila on there unfortunately without success.  There are several Sheila Kerrs on there but I could not locate the right one. I would be grateful if you could kindly pass my details on to her.

    My email address is:-

    This is obviously more private than Facebook.

    Best regards

    Bryn King
    Harvey Road
  • Hi Bryn
    i have sent your reply to Sheila in a private message.  She can now email you directly. 
    Hope all goes well. Daisy
  • Thanks very much Daisy.

    Best Regards

    Bryn King
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