Calling all conscientious workers and business people!

With apologies for cross-posting (this is cut & pasted from.the QOL thread so that people bored with that one can still see this):

I would like to call on all those who consider themselves to be conscientious business people who are open to the idea of sharing ideas and resources with a view to mutual benefit in doing so.

In order to fit the bill, you need to have the faith to trust in others that they will buy into the spirit of sharing in such a way that we aspire for everyone to be better off for the exercise.

An example of how such people can help each other might be something like having a small office that os empty for, say, 4 mornings a week that can be hired to someone who wants to use the space during most if not all of those time slots. You take a small rent which you wouldn't have got otherwise and your new tenant has a viable business (or working contract) that might not have been viable otherwise.

Another example might be that as a natural consequence of going about your business there may be waste that has to be disposed of (often at a price) but sometimes it is only for want of someone who can put the waste to another use. I remember one such case with a client who "disposed of" some high quality plywood offcuts from a die (cutting and creasing) factory and made high end speaker cabinets with it.

No fees were paid for disposal and Matthew got free raw materials.

There is a bigger plan afoot but I would like to invite a few business people to a light supper to discuss some ideas and then see if we can build a nice local network from it. Networking never did anyone any harm anyway but if it goes well, we will all come away with at least one nugget as well as a bit of a social.

Let me know on this thread or via a PM if this appeals or if you will just give it a try.

I intend to put on some presentations in the near future under the Quality of Life banner so this could be a nice little opener...


  • Hi Glyn,

    Happy to discuss and be involved!



  • Thanks Phil. Once we get a few responses I will drop some alternative dates for a meet.
  • Hi Glyn,

    I am interested as well - I have sent you a PM.

  • So far, three people have indicated an interest in forming a focus group of conscientious business people.

    Is that all we have in Wivenhoe?

    Surely not...?

  • Last call for conscientious business people to come forward before we press on with the first meeting.

    Is the world of business all about "Dog eat Dog", or would you like to discuss with us the other alternative?
  • I think this is in theory a nice idea, Glyn, and perhaps as the Brexit disasters mount up one that'll become very necessary. My sense (as a conscientious self-employed person) is that we are already called on to provide free services for the community quite often, to the extent that some of us have to be careful not to be overwhelmed. I know that's true of me anyway, and I am of course happy to help, but there has to be some boundaries.

    As you may know, a few of us have set up Wivenhoe Creatives as a way of looking at making the creative industries sustainable (which doesn't have the scope of your plan but there are overlaps). A core idea in this is that creative people need to be paid for their services, and that, in the long-term, volunteering may prove unsustainable. I do feel that if we put more effort into searching for funding for these initiatives, they might have more legs.

    Happy to talk sometime, but for now I'm frantically working through my paid and voluntary work before the school holidays hit.
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    Many thanks, @Treestump, for voicing a view that probably is representative of quite a few people in the same boat - me included.

    It is for this very reason that I want to set up the forum - not to have unproductive hand-wringing sessions where we all agree how tough business is, but to focus on how we can use less energy procuring paid work by effective local networking.

    In my former professional life I came across many different business people who were "too busy" to see me. In quite a few cases, when they eventually did, I earned a bigger fee because there was more to unravel and remedy.

    As I have said this morning in relation to the church's community initiatives, I don't expect people to feel like they are making sacrifices of any kind by attending an event which makes a profit but which is still tremendous value for money.

    So unless you are a person who goes into any transaction looking for all parties to benefit - and to be able to quickly establish how they will benefit - the Conscientious Business forum is not for you.

    I actually doubt that this applies to many people in Wivenhoe, so am assuming that people are thinking along the lines of: "Not another committee/club/association dor which I give up time and/or money and get nothing in return"... Hence not many responses to this. (I also appreciate that not everyone uses this forum).

    A few people who know I am a moderator on here have said that they aren't using it any more as it can get rather adversarial and sometimes even cruel.

    All useful feedback. 

    No-one can improve anything unless they understand what people perceive the challenges to be. The "reality" doesn’t come into it. What you are dealing with is how people see it.

    But only if people are courageous enough to deal with you in the first place.
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