• Please don't shout
  • I definitely recommend Simon - he did a very good job fitting our secondary glazing 
  • Do you need help with any home improvements? I am a skilled multitrade handyman builder with over 15years experience

  • I've used Simon and he's been great on the jobs he's done for me.
  • How much do you charge per hour?
  • Hello Simon,

    I am interested in purchasing a property that needs a fair bit of building work done to improve it. Unfortunately some of that involves correcting a poorly designed extension. Is it possible that you would consider looking at the property with me, and giving me some idea of whether or not my plans for the property's improvement are in any way realistic? I wouldn't expect you to 'quote' of course - that would be daft, but just to use your expertise in identifying a realistic set of expectations for modifications to the property considering my likely budget. 

    So, firstly, would you be interested, and secondly what would you charge for this service? Please PM me to discuss if you are interested. Thank you.

  • Hi Natalie,

    It would be free as long as you can be flexible with time I assume the property is in Wivenhoe? I would offer a 
    quote for the works whether you take up the offer is up to you no obligation.




  • Hi Natalie,

    Don't trust this Simon as he's just run away from a job he was doing for me in Wivenhoe leaving it unfinished with no explanation or warning. There was no dispute, and Simon is not even man enough to pick up the phone or answer my repeated emails and texts - what a coward. In fact he's touting for more business unbelievably!! So anyone out there who is thinking of using Simon Multi trade beware as he cant be trusted. If you are thinking of using him and aren't sure call me on 07788431934 and i'll happily tell you the whole story to help you avoid whats happened to me.

  • Oh dear Natalie, looks like one to avoid?  Out of interest, what job were you having done?
  • H Natalie,

    I can be trusted I have returned to the customer concerned as there were some extenuating personal circumstances why I could not continue the refurbishment on which I apologised and the customer accepted, I have returned last week to meet with customer had a very constructive meeting continued working on the project the following day  and I am returning next week to complete a snag list as agreed by the customer and myself within the scope of works the customer concerned is satisfied.

    Yes I have many customers in Wivenhoe who are very happy with the quality of work and the prices I offer.

    I would appreciate if you could verify this as the post is not a true reflection of me or how I conduct business.



  • Hi All who have read this thread , and the discussion re: simon multitrade, in which I made at the time some concerns around his apparent  disappearance from the job he was in the middle of completing for me.

    I am happy to now put the record straight, and confirm that Simon has now been back in touch with me, explained his circumstances that caused his long break of contact during the job he is doing for me, and has  apologised sincerely.

    He has already recommenced the job, agreed with me the snag list and is back again next week to continue to finish. The work he already done is a good standard and his attention to detail very good, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished job which hopefully simon will post on his website for all to see. Thank you Simon.

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