Birding Trips

I have been encouraged to kick this off so here goes a little taster to see if there is any enthusiasm...

I am thinking of offering birding days out for up to four people (as many as I can comfortably get in my car).

With spring approaching, there are a number of opportunties to take people to some great birding sites within an hour of here for a full day's birding - and as the spring comes on, a full day will be a long day...

A day round Suffolk for example I could do for £30 per person plus a contribution for fuel and show you some rare breeding birds. Something more local would be a bit less. 

If you want to see lots of active birds, you need to be able to get up early as that is prime feeding time.

By the time we get to April I should be able to find you 100 species in a day if we cover enough habitat. Locally, I could do it with a bit of luck, as I hope to do on 28th/29th April.

Any takers?

If so, I'll post up a few "menus" of days out and targeted birds and maybe show you some write-ups on previous trips. 


  • pendejo said:
    Such an idea is pious claptrap

    Would you like to explain this ludicrous, inflammatory comment? It is unpleasant and unnecessary.
  • First Bee Fly of the year plus other goodies at Cockaynes.

  • Great idea Glyn! Judging by the work you post here, you can also offer people some guidance on photographing the wildlife you encounter.

  • Great idea. Not only for your obvious expertise but also for sharing transport. 
  • I have 3 takers so far, so one more and I will organise a trip to Westleton and Dunwich Heath and Walberswick in the next couple of weeks.

    On this trip I would exepct to see rare breeding birds such as Bittern, Bearded Tit, Stone Curlew, Dartford Warbler, Woodlark and other early spring passage migrants

    Depending on how flexible the participants are on timings, we can ensure we go on a day that suits with a decent weather forecast.

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