Cambridge Weight Plan Centre Wivenhoe is now open in the Business Centre...

Cambridge Weight Plan Centre Wivenhoe is now open!
Unit 15, Wivenhoe Business Centre.

Sam: 07946001198

Have you been thinking about losing weight for the summer?

With many plans to choose from, combining both nutritional meal replacements and conventional food, there will be something suitable for you and your lifestyle.

One-to-one support to get you to where you want to be - educating along the way to prepare you for maintenance. This is not a quick fix, but rather a complete lifestyle change. Personally I have had clients who using the plan have been able to come off of hypertension medication, statins and insulin. Together we can improve your health, as well as making you feel more fabulous.

If you feel ready to change your life then contact me today. I have been there myself, having lost 7 stone (6 with Cambridge Weight Plan and another just through changed eating habits).

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