Chicken Run high street

Hi all, I am new to the town and must say what a friendly lot you are, well most of you and in most places.
My hesitation on full scale praise is driving up or down the High Street. Whilst most of the time, most cars, are only to pleased to pull in to allow a car from the opposite direction to pass, indeed I have encountered a stalemate of politeness, with no passage in either direction for several minutes. There are other times that cars squeeze past each other with both drivers sucking in air as they pass. Indeed,  I can almost sense in the other drivers eyes the mental thought process of calculating who has the higher insurance excess. 

So, what is the generally accepted practice, a submariner approach of downwards first ( with appropriate sirens and change of mood lighting), or upwards to avoid the 'joy of hillstarts'. 



  • Welcome Joe.

    Yes, Wivenhoe is a civilised place most of the time and that's why I ended up staying here.

    I think the general consensus among drivers is to help each other out and let others through where possible.

    There is a small minority who either have no forethought or just arrogantly keep going until there's gridlock because it's their right of way. The latter aren't worth worrying about. Smile politely and leave them to their own bitter, hollow lives.

  • Welcome aboard Joe
  • As time goes on, you'll probably notice the major problem in High Street/The Avenue is often those drivers coming downhill who seem to lack awareness of what's behind them  ....  the ones who slip into a small space to allow uphill traffic through, not realising there's a line of traffic right behind them which now has nowhere to go.   
  • Be aware the traffic will only increase once the new doctor's surgery opens.
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