Colchester Car Club survey

Former members of the Colchester Car Club are exploring the idea of starting up again. The basic idea is to offer cars on a pay as you drive basis. This helps to cut down on car ownership. Wivenhoe has been mentioned as a possible location.

A surveymonkey has been set up for feedback.


  • Excellent idea !
  • Where would these cars be parked/kept?
  • In designated parking spaces (i think it does say in the survey)
  • Where do we have any potential for designated parking spaces in central Wivenhoe? 
  • I think that was also part of the survey (if you thought it was a good idea) you were asked if you'd support the conversion of allocated parking / residents on road spaces to designated car pool spaces.

    Now that WTC owns the car park by the KGV it's not beyond the realms of possibility that they could allocated a few spaces in there for car pool cars.
  • Possibly behind the Library?
  • What about Wivenhoe's own car park ? 
  • The car park does not have all that many spaces and is sometimes full.
  • How about the always empty pay and display car parks on the way to the Sailing Club?
  • The car park does not have all that many spaces and is sometimes full.

    But do they pay ?

  • I think we ought park the parking issue for the moment (Sorry). The reason for a car club is to reduce car ownership, so the solution is the solution. 

    Car clubs are most successful in areas where car ownership is not essential and the personal need for a car is sporadic. To me, Wivenhoe seems a perfect fit. 

    yellow 911 please
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