University Hillsborough Seminar

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I've been asked to plug the following open event taking place on campus on 8 March:

Hillsborough: Resisting Injustice, Recovering Truth with Professor Phil Scraton as part of the Criminology Seminar Series.

Professor Scraton headed the research for the Hillsborough Independent Panel. The session starts at 6pm in Lecture Theatre Block 6. FREE.


  • Forgive me for being silly, but is this something to go along and listen to or something to participate in? I've never been to a seminar before, so unsure of what it really involves. Thank you
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    @Helsabels I think both. A talk, followed by an open discussion, should you wish to join in. I've been told it will be very informal. If it's not for you then there is no shame in making a polite exit.
  • Thank you Jason. If my husband is home in time, I'd like to attend. 
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