ArtSeaMusic 2017 - Who to Contact?


saw the festival got borough funding, so guess it's happening again this year.  I have something I'd like to contribute which needs a bit of forward planning/run up.  Details appeared on this forum last year, so I'm hoping the organisers may be members.  Could whoever is organising this PM me?




  • We're just getting ourselves organised, please email and we'll arrange a time to hook up.

  • Oh goody! Does this mean another art exhibition in St Mary's?
  • I do hope so Daisy!! Last years was such fun and a great success.

  • Hi Steph

    I hope you received my email ref the date of the Artseamusic festival, for all those who don't know and would like to be involved in someway shape or form, no matter how big or small please contact me on and I will add you to the mailing list

  • do we have a date for this?

  • edited May 16
    Artseamusic Festival will be held this year on Saturday 9th September, anyone wishing to get involved in running an event on the day please email 
    More info to follow.

  • It's now on my calendar...   :)
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