The Mayor's Alternative Ball!

So don't miss it!

Details below:

Wivenhoe Mayor's Charity Ball 2017 dinner & live music raising money for local charities & groups

Dress up posh, eat nice nosh and send some dosh to charities and community groups that help keep Wivenhoe so unique at this year's Mayor's Charity Ball at the William Loveless Hall on Saturday 4th March from 8pm till late. 

Money raised from the Wivenhoe Mayor's Ball 
 will be distributed amongst the Mayor's Chosen Charities 
benefiting local and community groups. 

For details of previous beneficiaries of the Wivenhoe Mayor's Charity Fund see's_Charity.htm


  • That will surely go down as the best forum topic title ever!
  • Glyn said:
    This has always been my favourite. Naughty man Glyn! :-)
  • I didn't realise you had form. Keep up the good work!

    I know we don't do hashtags on this forum but I thought #dontgivemethehorn would be an excellent rallying cry for those that are kept awake/woken up by the bloody trains. 
  • Am I right in thinking that the Mayor's one ball will be his testimonial?  :D
  • Yes - and it needs your support!
  • The other, is in..............................

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

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    This event is now listed as 'The Mayor's "Alternative Ball"' (behave!).  It will still take place on 4th March 8pm to midnight and will feature live music, dancing, bar and charity raffle with the amended price of £10. Posh clobber optional. There is an event page on Facebook

    It would be lovely if as many people as possible could take the time out to share this and support local charities via the Mayor's Fund - a positive use of everyone's community spirit and energy online. 
  • Band playing is the groovetails, whom are told are a cracking band, by a man that knows!
  • In the words of Holland Dozier Holland (Reach out) I'll be there!
  • @Glyn sorry to be a total pain but could the first post possibly be edited to reflect the new "Mayor's Alternative Ball" event?
  • Bump.

    Just to show that the mayor had another one up his sleeve just in case ;-)
  • Tickets now on sale at the Post Office too!

    You are cordially Invited to

    The Mayor’s ‘Alternative


    March 4th

    8:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.

    Dancing to the marvelous



    William Loveless Hall

    Charity Auction & Licensed Bar


    Tickets available from the Town Hall, Wivenhoe Town Council
    £10 per ticket

    Evening wear optional! All proceeds to local charities via the Mayor’s Fund

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    Going to be at the station later to watch the rugby, with tickets for this, if you want one.

    Just spotted that the Groovetails have a website, and various bits on Youtube and social media.



  • A bump for Saturday evening, with an updated flyer from Mr Mayor.

    Go on sister, have yourself a ball, etc.

  • If I wasn't double booked I'd be there. The band looks a goodun.
  • There will be tickets for sale on the door tonight.

    Dress code is optional but plenty of people are dressing up. Don't be shy! 

    Fantastic band - See you tonight. 
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