Minded Yoga 6 Week Course, Thurs evenings/Weds mornings, starting 22/23 February

A new 6 Week programme of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation for anyone looking to improve their mental, emotional and physical well-being.  Especially helpful for those who suffer with stress, anxiety or depression, but offers all the physical benefits of a regular yoga class, the opportunity for profound relaxation and the chance to learn more about your brain, nervous system and the neurobiology of stress.  Welcoming, friendly classes, and practices suitable for all abilities.

Each 2 hour session has a different theme but always includes the following elements:
  • Physical practice (approx. 1hr-1hr 15 mins): starting with a series of movements to warm up muscles, free joints and stimulate the cardiovascular system, we then go on to some stronger yoga poses and longer stretches to fully release tension. Beneficial for the fit and the not-quite-so-fit, and all poses adaptable for different abilities.
  • Breathing practice (10-15 mins): several different breathing practices will be taught over the course – some practices have been proven to lift mood, others to calm, others help to balance (all to help you feel good though :-)).
  • Relaxation/meditation (approx. 30-45 mins): a different experience each week - practices include yoga nidra, somatic meditation (a relaxing form of meditation often done lying down), sitting and walking meditation.
  • Short group discussion: an opportunity to ask questions and share experiences for those who wish to.
For full information please visit www.quiet-mind.co.uk or contact Sarah Clark on 07981130302 or email sarahquietmind@gmail.com.  

Cost: £120 (£100 if you sign up before 13th February). Includes audio recordings for home practice and a comprehensive course manual (including information about your brain and nervous system, descriptions of practices and how they work, and insights from Buddhism and yoga philosophy).  Advance booking is essential.

Times and venues:  
Wednesday mornings (a gentler physical practice): 11am-1pm, OpenSpace, Wivenhoe. Starts Weds 22 February for 6 weeks.
Thursday evenings (a more dynamic physical practice, but very accessible): 6.30-8.30pm, The Nottage Institute, Wivenhoe.  Starts Thursday 23 February for 6 weeks (excluding Thursday 2 March). 

A very warm welcome to all!

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