Are We All Doomed? YouGov session at the University

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Are We All Doomed? The Political World In 2017

15 February, 1pm, Essex University

"From Brexit to the election of Donald Trump, 2016 was a series of political earthquakes that shocked not just Britain and the US, but developed democracies across the world. Old ideas of left versus right have shown themselves to no longer be sufficient for understanding politics and with 2017 bringing elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany, the world is wondering what might happen next?

Get the perspective of a professional pollster, a founding director of YouGov and join us to discuss the most heated political questions of this year with Joe Twyman, the Head of Social and Political Research from YouGov."



  • That phrase of Private Frazer's (Dad's Army for you young uns) has been ringing in my head a lot these days.  Funny that.
  • Try Corporal Jones - Don't Panic
  • well said dud5ers !!
  • But didn't he run around panicking as he said this...?!  ;)
  • Of course he did. Also "They Don't like it Up'em". Who would "They" be in the current situation?
  • Where at the university please Jason? I am one of the Chaplains from MFCC.

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