Buggy aerobics etc??

Hi just wondering if there are any buggy fitness classes in wivenhoe or something simular as i dont have childcare of someone 2 watch my 9month old son an i really wanna shift my baby weight please no bashing as feel low as it is. Cant afford a personal trainer as much as i would really like 1 right now. Really struggling with body confidence at moment. Sorry for my ramble just thought i would ask about. Thanks in advance :-) 


  • I'm not sure if there is one in Wivenhoe. But I know of someone who does a buggy Bootcamp in Brantham. Just search 'Stefit' on Facebook for more details. All the best to you on shifting your baby weight x
  • Unfortunately i dont drive so bit hard 2 to travel that far. Thank you anyway. X
  • Lots of full workouts on YouTube which were great for me with little ones. I also used to get out for a very fast paced walk everyday along the Wivenhoe trail. One kid on a bike , the other in the pushchair- off we went to B&Q and back. 
    Hope this helps 

  • Perhaps there is a group of mums wanting to lose their baby weight in Wivenhoe already that meet for walks with their buggys that you could join? If not it would be good to start one. Happy to help.
  • That sounds like a good idea!  Happy to help set one up to.  Anyone else?
  • Anyone that wants 2 set a free 1 up let me know i would happily join. :) im quite nervous since havin my son so willing to try meet new mums etc.
  • Hi girls, did a new mums group / fitness walk ever get arranged? I'm a new mummy living in Wivenhoe on maternity leave and most of my friends are in London so I'd be keen to meet other mums for coffee mornings/walks etc. Charley (mum to 2 month old River) xx
  • Hi hun it never got started as never got round to it. But i really still wanna do stuff like that as my confidence is at an all time low. Pm me 2 discuss things further if u like?? X
  • Might it be an idea to contact the Mother's & Toddlers group that meets on Tuesday mornings in the Scouts and Guides hall?

    There's a reasonable amount of space there so perhaps a suggestion of having a fitness instructor coming along for an hour could be something worth exploring with them.

  • Some of us cant afford baby groups well me anyway an dont have confidence for big groups thats y i suggested this in 1st place but with not much luck i didnt continue.
  • Still happy to help set one up. We could post on facebook a day and time to meet up.  What would suit you best?
  • Ok cool. Pm me an we can discuss further? :)
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