Wild About Wivenhoe Festival (6-13 May 2017)

Hi folks, here's some more info about something to look forward to later this year:

The Wild About Wivenhoe Festival is a week-long event (6-13 May 2017) that aims to engage the community in environmental issues, from recycling and reducing waste to wildlife and nature, and to celebrate the work of local conservation projects. The event will showcase the success of these projects and encourage people to get involved, either in small ways by reducing and recycling at home, through to directly helping to shape the environmental impact of our community.

There will be numerous workshops and events during the week of the festival, held at many locations in Wivenhoe, including the local library, bookshop, cafes and open spaces. This engages the community in wildlife projects, but also increases awareness of the facilities available in the community which people may not be aware of.

There is a kickoff meeting 8pm at The Station on Mon 6 Feb, if you'd like to be involved, come along and find out more!


  • Hi Jon - sounds fab!

    It would be worth getting in touch with the Colchester Countryside Volunteer Rangers (who from personal experience also volunteer at Wivenhoe woods and Ferry Marsh - not just Highwoods) as I am sure they would be delighted to be involved and they can offer the chance to learn how to make (or buy home made) bird and bug boxes or do foraging trails. Also they do offer some great volunteering opportunities including training.

    Link here:
    http://www.highwoodsvolunteers.org.uk/ ;

    Kelly from the CBC Countryside team is really helpful too http://www.colchester.gov.uk/article/12683/Contact-the-Team ;

  • Thanks for that @HazelH will definitely give them a shout
  • Bird boxes like these?


    I still have a few unsold and will happily make owl boxes to order. Tawny Owls are already prospecting and it won't be long before other resident birds are too...
  • I'd be interested in talking to you about an owl box Glyn.
    Pretty sure we hear them (owls that is, not boxes ;-) from our garden, but not seen one yet. Be good to know what the criteria for a good location for an owl box would be.
  • Ok. Can get one made up and see if you can use it. :-)
  • That would be fantastic, thanks Glyn, but should I check my garden is suitable...?

  • Yes. Have left voice mail to that effect.

    You can see if your place fits the bill here: 

    I will make one up anyway as it will be handy to stock one.
  • Thank you Glyn, the owl box is fantastic!

    Looking forward to putting it up and waiting (im)patiently...

  • Quite fetching in green, n'est ce pas?

  • Wild About Wivenhoe Festival will be pitching at the Soup tonight, please come along and find out more about the event (and maybe get involved?)
  • We are looking for anyone who might like to have a stall at the event on the KGV field in Wivenhoe on 13th May, 12-6pm. It's for 'Wivenhoe Goes Wild', a day of fun on the field -music, food, stalls, wildlife talks, bouncy castle... Craft stalls, charity stalls, food stalls - all welcome, and reasonable rates. Email wgw@wildaboutwiv.org to discuss.
  • The website is now live!  More updates to follow soon...


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