Martin Newell Crowdfunder

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Martin Newell has launched a crowd funder to help support the publication of his next major book: Taken to the Cleaners: My Life as a Lo-Fi Rock God.

Pledges and rewards are available from £10 to £200.

"Taken to the Cleaners, the second part of Martin Newell's rude and funny rock memoir, the sequel to This Little Ziggy (2008), covers the years 1976 to 1990. Like a Tarantino hangover, you need all the flashbacks before the picture emerges.

Taken to the Cleaners tells of how during the 1980s Martin Newell invented the genre now known as Lo-Fi pop, treating music as a cottage industry. "Isn't selling a hundred cassettes quite impressive too?" he asks a PR man at EMI. "Why can't I be at the Earls Court Motor Show, too, with Kim Wilde?"


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    A bump for this - after the first week, 11% has been raised. There are some decent rewards on offer.

  • Am I missing something here?  Doesn't one normally pay for a book after it has been written, not before? 
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    @Jonny what I think you might be missing is the ethos behind a crowdfunder: You support a project that you would like to see happen. You have a personal investment in the project - a financial stake in the ownership and completion of it.

    Independent publishing doesn't just happen. It is work. Even authors need to eat.

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