Reliable handyman needed


Apologies if this has been asked many times before. I need to find a good general handyman , for some general household maintenance jobs e.g. fitting secondary glazing , building a shed etc. 

Any recommendations for people who have done work for you recently in Wivenhoe would be appreciated



  • Tom Dobby PM me for his number

  • We'd recommend the excellent Graham Baker-Peck.  PM me if you'd like his details.
  • hello - i am also looking for a handyman- in particular i need someone who can assemble furniture such as a desk or bookcase. I also need them or someone else to fix a window frame that is a bit slanted/drafty and attach a bathroom cabinet to a tiled wall. I saw the responses to Paul's question but i am not sure how to "PM" someone? I have been in WIvenhoe 3 years but i haven't yet used the forum much so i am not sure what to do to get the numbers above. thanks. S
  • Christopher Blomeley he funs the Repair Cafe 07799494797

  • Soniab, if you click on your 'inbox' (3rd icon from the right in your top bar), you can then begin a conversation by typing out the name of the user you wish to contact, without this appearing as a Forum item. 
  • I can recommend Chris Blomeley.  He has done a variety of jobs for me and I have been pleased with the results.
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