Wivenhoe runners Facebook group

I moved to Wivenhoe in September of last year and am a reasonably keen runner. Having seen a fair number of other runners out and about, mostly alone or in small groups it has occurred to me that it would be great if there was some way we like-minded souls could be in contact. To act as a catalyst for that I have established a Wivenhoe runners Facebook group.  What this becomes would really depend on those who respond. There are many things it could lead to. It could enable runners to link up for training runs together, finding folks with a similar schedule in min. Maybe a local beginners group could be established  if the interest was there. We could use it to share information about forthcoming races in the area. Swap ideas for favourite training routes.  Another possibility would be to set-up up some local fun runs or races in the spring or summer (I already have an excellent potential route and a very nice post-race drinks venue in mind but will keep that to myself for now) . I recognise that for many the joy of running is that is a solitary pursuit and I really do get that. But if you might be interested or know of others who might be then please point them in the direction of this new group.

Here’s the link to the group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/361813310859205/ so please take a look and join the conversation.


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