University Photo Archive

Library Services on campus has digitised the entire photo archive going back to the 1960's, and then uploaded the images to flickr. It's a pretty spectacular collection that is worth sharing.


  • Thank you Jason. I found it fascinating.
  • It would be good to add captions where possible even if only one victim is identified in a group shot, VCs often prominent.

  • How can I confirm an ID to the Uni?
    One of the first photos I saw had Sir Julian Ridsdale MP on the left...he was or local MP back in the 60's & 70's
  • Wow, excellent photos and one of the first pictures was of me :)

  • Come on then, share the photo
  • All I can say is that figures as 'unknown 2'. When I followed Jason's link, it was the first black & white photo to appear, featuring two middle aged  men conversing to appear when I scrolled down to the photos they wanted ID's for..

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    Very interesting . Thank you For posting Jason. 

  • Eimfoot - as you state, the gentleman on the left of that photo is Julian Risdale, M.P. for Harwich and district, but the one on the right is Antony Buck, M.P for Colchester
  • Well, that makes sense. Buck subsequntly included Wivenhoe in his fiefdom.
    Wonder what they were talking about. >:)
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