When we had time to look after the elderly

Wivenhoe Charity Committee who used to supply Christmas goodies to Wivenhoe pensioners, perhaps they should revive this useful food donations!!

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  • Watch this space and updates from @RevJustin at the Congregational church...
  • When we lived in very rural Wales we were surprised when one Christmas after my husband had turned 70 to receive a food parcel.  There was a local charity which did this.  It was a lovely gesture but we could not help thinking that there were a lot of people who were more in need than we were.  At the last census about 12% of the population of Wivenhoe were 70 or over.  This would mean a lot of food of food parcels - around 700, say, as some over 70s live with partners also over 70.  If some sort of means testing were used then this could possibly offend some recipients and also annoy some non recipients.
  • @poopdecker, I agree that pensioners aren't all needy and that identifying those who are should be identified with discretion and sensitivity.

    This is a key factor in running the food bank operations. It is likely that there will be a training session soon for local food bank volunteers so please send me or @RevJustin a pm if you think you can help.

    There are a couple of launch events planned soon...
  • In the 1960s or 70s the University Union used to have a campaign called Roast a Pensioner which helped with the winter fuel costs of older locals.
  • Except for the one being roasted, of course...!  ;)
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