Wonderful Wivenhoe in all weathers!

The last week of 2016 brought us a wonderful, diverse range of weather, from thick, persistent fog to skies of the deepest blue. Whatever the weather in 2017, get out there, with or without your camera, and enjoy what Wild Wivenhoe has to give! Happy New Year everyone


  • Gorgeous pictures Chris. 
  • Brilliant  as always. Happy New year.

  • I thought it worthy of a weather update as a few media outlets are wrongly suggesting that the deadly spell of winter weather that's affected Italy, Croatia and Greece is heading here. It's not. 

    The recent state of flux with spells of milder, cloudy weather and colder snaps looks set to continue as the UK remains on the boundary between maritime air masses and the polar air mass to our north. Later in the week the polar air wins the battle bringing very cold nights, frost and some wintry showers for coastal areas.

    At present there's not even a consensus between expert forecasters as to whether this will translate into a phase of heavier snow or rain or whether the cold snap will last beyond Saturday. Out of this confusion, it's best to keep an eye on forecasts on the BBC or Met Office sites (trust no-other media outlets, they're not qualified meteorologists) and make sure your travel plans are flexible.   
  • Another lovely, serene, misty morning: the Colne under a pool of mist, viewed from the heights of our flat

  • Nicely atmospheric, Chris.  Doesn't feel very wonderful today though: grey -2C, with a biting wind.  Brrr...!
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