Jimmy Cauty's Aftermath Dislocation Principle at the University

Jimmy Cauty's Aftermath Dislocation Principle exhibition is currently on display up on campus. It is well worth catching as part of the Riot Tour which runs until 12th December at the University:

"ADP is his 40ft shipping container housing a vast post-apocalyptic landscape in miniature populated only by the police and media crews. Created in 1:87 scale, the diorama is viewed through peep-holes through which the audience is invited to view a vision of the near future set somewhere in Bedfordshire known as ‘Old Bedford’."

Plus on Sunday there is: What a Riot! Family Day:

"Peep through the holes of Jimmy Cauty’s ADP container and you will see a miniature world; lots of different scenes show police at the aftermath of riots. The workshop will host a variety of hands on activities including the creation of your own miniature scenes and containers."

The exhibition is free and can be found outside the Ivor Crewe Building.

Here are some photos from the Southwark exhibition earlier in the year.


  • Thanks for sharing.  Will definitely check it out.  Just finished a book about him, very interesting guy!
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