Off the Rails Winter Exhibition

edited December 2016 in Wivenhoe Galleries
We've just installed this wonderfully eclectic collection at the station: 

Booking Hall Cabinets

Installations by artist-musician Fiona Harmon: ‘The materials I use for artwork are found in the waterways of Nth East Essex, mostly driftwood and bits of broken boats, washers and rusty metal. I don’t weather the wood or saw or manipulate the pieces to fit: if they don’t fit in the form I find them in, then I don’t use that piece in my work.
These bits of scrap all have a history, a journey they have been on and they remind me of the shipbuilders, shipyard and sailors that used to be on the river. Sadly, I know only two fishermen in a village that used to have many, and the shipyard is no more. So in some way this is my homage to them.’
To purchase a piece:

Platform 1: Poetry cabinet

  “An Essex Calendar” by Wivenhoe Artist Hilary Lazell and poet-writer-musician Martin Newell: Illustrations of twelve verses, take the viewer through the months of the year.   Essex is a very beautiful county, if anyone cares to take the byways and pathways rather than the motorways. Maybe this calendar could help us all to slow down for a while, see what is right in front of our eyes and realise that it is worth taking the time to enjoy it.

Platform 2: Crab & Winkle Gallery

Photographs of Wivenhoe Station in Bygone Days from John Stewart’s Memories Collection

This exhibition is curated by George and Charmaine McKissock

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