Where did he carry the coal?

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There is a Wivenhoe connection here, this is a photo of one of Chopping's flour Millers sentinel steam lorries seen here hauling flour out of Fingringhoe Mill, Richard Chopping the artist who lived in the little store house on the Quay is descended from the Chopping flour milling family.

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  • There was a ready use bunker in the cab, usually between the driver's and passenger's seats. With a heavy load on, the driver has wisely taken some extra fuel in those two dirty sacks on the roof rack.
  • What a fabulous photo and what a fabulous vehicle - I read somewhere that they were still in use until the 1950s - I know that they are dirty, inefficient and caused huge pollution, but there is something about them.
  • Like steam trains
  • Thanks for the info marcel.
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