Call for Moderators

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We are looking for new members to join the volunteer moderation team. The key qualities are objectivity, patience and the ability to work well online as part of a small team.

There is no expectation as to the workload. This pretty much depends on any issues that the forum throws up. Responsibilities are shared, depending on the availability of the team members.

If you would like to give something back to this online community, please express an initial interest by emailing jason at wivenhoeforum dot co dot uk.

Thank you.


  • A bump for this request.

    We have had some interest - many thanks. But we are keen to expand the moderation team so that the volunteer responsibilities can be shared.

    There isn't a constant heavy workload to be honest. It more or less depends on any current activity taking place on the forum. A reliable team is needed though to help manage the forum and to keep the conversations hopefully constructive.

    We are now moving towards having a meet up with anyone interested in considering joining the team. This may take place before Christmas, or possibly after. I'd love to hear from anyone who might be interested, and just wants to find out a little more about what is involved.

    There is absolutely no commitment at this stage.

    jason at wivenhoeforum dot co dot uk.

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