Our Football is not just about business, its about community, loyalty, passion, commitment and trust

Hello again

from Bryn and Bill, we’re the pair of U’s fans that have a weekly football show on Colne Radio which is all about the Dragons from Wivenhoe, Col U and a few other local clubs.  The latest Bryn & Bill’s Football Radio Show aired last Thursday.   It’s our best yet - please join us, and speak to us on the show!

We've been looking at some success, a recent show wasabout Mo and his boys with the Dragons , and this week we looked at nearby Brightlingsea Regent FC who are in the highest league position in their history.!

We focused on the power of football in our local community, with an examination of the R’s, and Bill undertook an interview with assistant manager Chris Smith, plus there was a trip to see them play, with Desser a football blogger of national reputation . Bryn headed up north to talk to FC Utd of Manchester, England's foremost community football club. We pondered on just how bad things are getting for Col Utd, and Statto ensured we are clear that the U's next opponents are Crewe Alexandria, NOT Wrexham...

Our next show will be looking at Col U and how football is not a business, whether its the U's or the Dragons, but why football is such an important community asset – why not contact us and get involved in the show.

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