Hedgehog hibernation homes...?

Hi all.

Recently I have been recycling scrap wood and making "rustic" nest boxes out of it. Debbie was selling the first batch for the church with their scrap wood :-)

A nice consignment of wood has just arrived which could make a hedgehog shelter. 

Has anyone seen any hedgehogs around lately? I guess there may still be time to knock up a couple in time for hibernation...


  • Yes, we've had one scurrying around in the last week or so Glyn.

  • there were several in Stanley Road this year, more than I've seen in the last few years which was fantastic as they are in such short numbers - the lady living opposite the entrance to the new cemetery commented that she was seeing them a lot and speculated that they were lurking in a corner in there somewhere, so it might be a good place for a safe haven for the winter.
  • Right. Tools (and sticking plasters) at the ready!

  • Made from odds & ends of exterior ply. Lid detaches for inspection/cleaning. Just needs a coat of something and a good home...
    Probably have enough to make another...

    Apologies that pics come via twitter but cannot upload them as attachments for some reason.

  • Good luck with the hedgehog house Glynn, I'm told they are very fussy. Having had a very snug house installed under my shed for many years with no luck I now have a resident under a pile of old leaves - at least I hope it's still there!
  • Hedgehog house £15
    Owl box £12
    Bird box £6

    Just in case you are stuck for xmas presents. I have a stock of bird boxes but have sold out of owl boxes so would need to make one up.
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