A walk along the Wivenhoe Trail

This time of year, when the weather is fair, is a great time to wander along the Wivenhoe Trail, towards Alresford Creek, through Grange Wood. We did just that in the almost tropical heat of Saturday (incredibly beautiful, still weather for the end of October!). The trees and shrubs are colouring up nicely, and (despite the lack of recent rains) a few fungi are appearing. Fly Agarics in particular are putting on a super show, as always around birch trees, with whose roots they are intimately associated.

With frost in the forecast, the leaf show is likely to get even better, at least until the winds arrive and strip them from the branches.


  • We did a similar walk on Monday - last day of October. It was even warmer. 
    Saw what I thought was possibly a clouded yellow butterfly. Could that be right?
  • Yep. Saw one at Cockaynes yesterday.

    In case you missed it...

  • Let's hope the current "scorched earth" policy doesn't happen here
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