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Hi Wivenhoe Message Boarders,

We have some new shows on Colne Radio covering such things as Film and Football.  This post is about the Bryn and Bill Football Radio show which is on Thursday nights and you can listen to it on play again at the link below.

One week on a Thursday at 8pm we have a live show with the two of us in the studio,  The following week we have our Extra Time Show which includes the highlights of recent shows an extra hour mash up.

The show is different from any football show you will have ever heard.  Imagine a world where Colchester United are the giants and we're just as likely to be discussing the Dragons, Brightlingsea Regent and Stanway Rovers!  The only time the show ever mentions the Premiership is with disdain and an exhortation to sling Murdoch's Sky Dish in a skip.  We celebrate the beautiful game as an important part of every community and declare we are against modern football.

We think that our show with it's hyperlocal focus on football is well suited for community radio. Nobody else would have use!

Our commitment to all things local spills over into other spheres with local bands gigs and tracks promoted. Think of a show that's more WOMAD or Cerys Matthews than BBC Five Live.  Our love of the local also embraces the amber nectar of local real ale.

Episode five was the Wivenhoe Town, the  Dragons with special guest appearances from manager Mo.

In the latest episode six you can find out why Bryn & Bill were feeling so good as they prepared for the Col U's Morecambe and Plymouth games. Maybe not so good now after our heroic Sam Walker saved a penalty only to fumble a later shot which ended up on in the net. Big Sam's mistake does nothing to change our view of his huge contribution to the team.

In the show you can join teenagers Charlie & Adam in the South Stand as they embark on what we hope will not be a lifetime of misery! Re-live Col U's glory day against Leed in 1971 with Ralph Struth our Indonesian correspondent.. Desser a prolific football blogger joins us from Over the Border.

You can hear us chew the cud on the state of English football. FIFA, the Premiership and the Football League all get it in the neck.

When you go to mixcloud you’ll see between the main live shows there is also an Extra Time show with clips from the main show, bits we couldn’t fit in and more music. Thanks to Adrian aka Ralph Struth from Indonesia for the editing. Yes he really does live in Indonesia!

Finally, before we get on to the boring bit the news is that Colne Radio is on target to go FM early in the new year. We make sure you have the wavelength and launch date nearer the time.


If you are still reading and like the show we need your help! Please, please can you help us promote the show by:

1. If you are Facebook user can you share our Facebook page.

2. On Twitter can you follow us and retweet our play again at @BrynandBill or alternatively @ColUBryn we're dead easy to find on Twitter.

3. If you use FlipBoard you can find us here. Flip through REAL FOOTBALL RADIO by Bryn Griffiths & Bill Lawrance.

4. If you have the MixCloud App could you may wish to subscribe and like the show. If you press like you’ll get a prompt every time we post a show.

Sorry to have to ask you to give us a plug but we really do think social media is the best way to find some listeners.

What did you think of the show so far? The obvious answer and any other feedback, critiques and suggestions would be hugely appreciated.



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