Aviva Community Award Funding

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Colne Radio is asking for your help.

Don't worry - we are not after your money this time round, but asking if you can help the community station access some funding from the Aviva Community Fund.

We have been short-listed to be within a chance of being awarded £1,000 from Aviva. The insurance company will hand over £1,000 to the 300 local groups that have the highest number of online votes as part of the project.

You can vote over here.

Once you have registered, you have ten votes. You can vote for ten different projects, or very kindly give them all to Colne Radio. Voting opens this morning, and runs through until 18 November.

If we are successful then the £1,000 will be used to fund the link needed from the transmitter to the Colne Radio studio.

Here's Board member Heather explaining a little more:


  • I tried following the links in Jason's posting and could not discover how to vote or what the rival shortlisted projects are - this could be my incompetence.
  • I managed to register but assume that the reason I can't find a vote link is that voting only starts at 9.00am today. 
  • Is there a list of the other shortlisted projects?
  • Done!
    60 votes when I left the page - go on folks!

    @poopdecker you can see all the projects once you've registered via the opening page: top right, green link.
  • If you want to give all your (10) votes to Colne Radio, make sure you click on the 10th yellow blob to make it 10 before submitting!
    81 votes registered now... ;)

  • Many thanks for the very kind votes that we have already received. As a reminder - once registered you have ten votes. These can be awarded across different projects, or all towards a single organisation.

    The 300 local groups with the highest number of votes on 18 November will receive £1,000 each. If successful, Colne Radio will use this money to help fund the link between the FM transmitter and the studio.

    You can register to vote over here.

    Thank you.

  • For some reason it's hard to find among the listed projects. However prompted by an email from WTC, I found the link for improvements to the children's playground at KGV. The planned improvements look ideal and would improve the provision enormously. So I voted 5 for that and 5 for Colne Radio. 
  • How can I listen to Colne radio? 
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    Helsabels said:
    How can I listen to Colne radio? 
    Right now: only on line. Go to http://colneradio.com/ and take it from there.

    From early next year: on your FM receiver (radio) - as well as on line.
  • Thank you 
  • See that the number of votes cast has gone up to 568 now. Hope more people will vote soon.

  • Colne Radio has now been informed that we have been awarded £1,000 of Aviva Community funding. We finished in the top 300 of projects that went to the public vote. A huge thank you to everyone who was able to back us. This money will be used to connect our studio with the transmitter.

    8th April for the 106.6 FM launch...

  • Great News, looking forward to 106.6
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