Help with chickens wanted

Dear all

The Wivenhoe Community Chicken Group, which looks after the chickens near The Station pub, needs new members. In particular, we need some person or persons to do some shifts on Saturdays.

Working with the chickens is a lovely thing to do. This is for several reasons: the chickens are heart-warming; the work - which is normally light - gets one out in the open air; and one is contributing to something that many people, especially perhaps children, enjoy. Moreover, you get fresh eggs to eat!

Still, we are volunteers and, in fact, we ask a joining fee in order to cover vets bills and the like.

If I may bang on a little more: we are flexible about how much members do. One can do a day once a week, or a day every two weeks. One can even share a day's shifts with someone else. (There are three shifts in a day: an early one, a noon-ish one, and one that is putting the chickens to bed.)

For more information, please post questions here or send an e-mail to the following address:


Nick J.


  • I should perhaps add something to the post above, namely the following. While new chickeners can indeed do only an hour or so a week, what we do need is regularity. That is, we need people to be able to commit to, say, Tuesdays, or Monday evenings, for the foreseable future (although occasionally cover can be provided, and if you've had enough after, say, three months then that would be fine, and, also, we have a one-month trial period).

    In short: little but regular is fine; but little - or even a lot and - irregular wont really suit us.

  • Hi would you like half a bag of layers pellets and a bail of straw plus feeders for the chickens?

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