Wivenhoe Watching Wildlife - Autumnwatch

Friday 30 September 

Our annual indoor Autumnwatch event, upstairs in the Sailing Club, from 1930-2200. As always, it is free, but to ensure we have enough seats, please book by replying to this message.  Still a few seats left!

Presentations will include:

a. a review of what this summer’s efforts in the churchyard have revealed.

b. Gardening with Wildlife in Mind - what we can all do in the spaces we manage to encourage wildlife

c. A sideways look at encouraging wildlife, including some more unconventional countryside features which attract an allow us to see and enjoy the natural world, andd.   The Canvey Wick story – unconventional habitat creation writ large Sadly, we have been unable to secure attendance from the Essex Wildlife Trust, to talk about the new habitat creation project across the water at Fingringhoe, but we hope this will feature in a future event.There may be time for a few other activities, including a Q & A session, so if you have any burning questions please come armed with them, and we will endeavour to answer them!
We hope the bar will be open for drinks: as always, for licensing purposes, you will need to sign in with us on arrival, if you wish to buy drinks and you are not a member of the Sailing Club. We look forward to seeing you there
Chris, Glyn, Greg and Richard


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    Many thanks to all those who came along to WWW AutumnWatch last night. If you enjoyed it half as much as we did presenting it, you should have had a good time!

    Thanks as always for the Sailing Club for hosting this free event for the benefit of the whole community of Wivenhoe.

    Probably our last event of the year is coming up on Sunday 16 October, an autumn (r)amble, hopefully with a selection of our local fungi, birds, late insects etc. Where and when is yet to be decided, though probably an afternoon event from 1400. I am away until a couple of days before so we will send out details of what we propose to do the day before the walk, and will depend what the weather has been like in the intervening period. And also please bear in mind the event itself is dependent upon the weather on the day.

    Chris, Glyn, Greg & Richard
  • Thanks for putting on the nice event!
  • Thanks for a fascinating evening.

    It was also nice to learn that letting my garden get a bit overgrown and messy is doing so much good for local wildlife (and me too, of course :) ).
  • Just to bump this thread with reference to Sunday's 2pm autumn ramble mentioned above by Chris (rendezvous TBA but I suspect it will be the jetty), for those who would like an early start and a bit of a walk, feel free to join me on my usual Sunday birding bash.

    I mostly do this on my own as there is less disturbance to the birds (at least until the other Sunday drivers get out in more boisterous mood...) but I still enjoy sharing some of the great variety of wildlife with others. If you can make it to the jetty at 7am we can watch the sun come up and maybe witness some autumn migration.

    Drop me a pm or call/text 07899 805803 if you fancy joining me, but make sure you have good outdoor clothing and decent waterproof footwear as I will be out no matter what the weather does. I would normally expect to cover 4 miles at least but will rein back on that if the company is less inclined...

    You will probably see 50+ species of birds on this walk unless there is an absolute deluge. We should be finished in time to join the 2pm slot if you are a glutton...
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