Wivenhoe Artists exhibition in William Loveless Hall on 6th October - 2 Hours Only!

More than 15 local artists will be exhibiting on Thursday 6th October between 2-4pm.  Free Entry and Free Parking


  • Could you tell me a bit more about this.  Am I too late to exhibit?
  • There will be another chance to exhibit on Saturday 10th December.  Message me if you are interested.  
  • The artists taking part in this exhibition are currently: 

    Alex Tzirinis

    Anthony Jones

    Ben Cooper

    Daisy Giddings

    Dave Purdey

    Diana Garrett

    Jacqueline South

    Jane Watson

    Janet Driver

    Janet Roberts

    Janita Le Fevre

    Jayne Wallet

    Jo Hunter

    John Wallett

    Maggie Bernstein

    Tricia Bray

  • Wow! Well done you. Can I book a place for the next exhibition please?
  • Thank you. I am sure it will help.  I am not yet a fully qualified Twittery so I am also impressed.
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