Raptors and Dakotas over Wivenhoe

We were sitting in our back garden at 2:30 this afternoon when we were alerted by a high pitched falling call to a group of birds circling on a thermal at about 800 feet over Millfields School.
They were Buzzards, we think, but the unusual thing was the numbers - there were between 8 and 12 of them, quite close together in the sky. Two more then followed them eastwards at a lower level.
Shortly after that, they were joined by a Dakota DC3 in invasion stripes heading towards Clacton!


  • Just over 3 years ago me & the bloke had the pleasure of Steve Ford accompanying us on a 7am walk to Whitehouse beach. We saw four buzzards soaring together over the other side of the river. On the way back we bumped into a birdwatching group being lead by an expert (not from Wivenhoe I don't think) and when Steve excitedly told the group "we saw four buzzards" the expert harrumphed & said "there are no buzzards round here - are you sure they weren't marsh harriers?" They were buzzards you know....  

  • I think the DC3 was "Kwitcherbitchin" from the BBMF but was late getting binoculars on to it so not entirely sure - lovely sight though ...
  • Thanks @pitfall, I looked up when I heard the rumble of engines overhead and saw the stripes; I'm glad to know what I was seeing ! 
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