T.V/sky engineeer repair person

Would be grateful for recommendations. Thanks Vivienne


  • or even an engineer repair person....
  • I've used these Brightlingsea based guys before. I'd be happy to recommend them.
  • Thank you Jason. The trouble was we didn't know whether it was the remotes, the digi box, the satellite dish or the t.v that wasn't working,  so after some dithering   I tried giving Andrews,( Short Wyre St Colchester) the company who supplied the tv a decade ago, a ring. They were most helpful and, after testing the remotes for us,  diagnosed that as the problem-- when they could easily have tried to sell us a new tv.
    Will bear the company you recommended in mind if we have problems with that part of the technology. Thanks.
  • We used these  http://www.aerial-electronics.co.uk/ too Jason and they were first class.  Clean and tidy, explained everything clearly - even a numbskull like me could understand, and very reasonably priced.  In fact we'll be calling them again very soon.
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