Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan Summer 2016 Audio

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Here is some audio commissioned by the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan over the summer months. The idea is gather a snapshot of the work from the various volunteer team members as the Plan moves ever closer to the formal referendum stage.

Many thanks to the interviewees who gave up their time.


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    The draft Neigbourhood Plan's proposal to designate the land opposite Millfield School as a 'Local Green Space' is being challenged by councillors on Elmstead Parish Council.

    "It was resolved to send a statement to the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to the effect that as the land in question is not under the ownership of Wivenhoe Town Council it would be inappropriate to include it in their plan." - EPC July council minutes

  • That was duly received and considered by the Plan Review group.

    The recommendation to the Steering group was that this did not require a change to the draft NP because this area was included in the WNP area when it was designated in 2013 after a 6 week consultation and no representations had been received from Elmstead PC during this period.
  • Am I missing something? Why is EPC interested in a small patch of green in Wivenhoe being protected? 
  • They own the land due to where the boundary was when Dean park was first built.
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