Open Art Exhibition in October

We are looking for local amateur or professional artists to exhibit their work on Thursday 6th October at the William Loveless Hall.  This is a totally new way of exhibiting and selling your work.  It is a prop-up art exhibition of just 2 hours 2-4pm with a limited number of places.  It is only £3 to exhibit up to 10 paintings each with no commission charge.  If you are interested or want to know more email or phone Daisy on 01026 824087.


  • Prop-up or pop-up, Daisy?
  • Definitely prop-up Pete. A bit experimental.
  • Love the idea.  Will work in other media be welcome or is it restricted to paintings?

    e.g digital, 3D, mixed media, fabric art.... so those that can be propped up, and others that are self supporting.
  • Not just paintings but will send you a message to discuss further.  Everything is possible at this stage (almost) but we will need see how it all develops. Like with all experiments. 
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