Wivenhoe Weather

Some huge thunderstorms over Belgium and France this evening. If they make it across the Channel we'll know about them!

Might worth watching towards the South after dark, could be a pretty spectacular lightning show if they survive for a few more hours.


  • BBC reckon they'll travel along the south coast rather than move up here. 
  • Coldest night of Winter so far! -4.7C with a feels like -7.1C!
  • A touch of proper winter weather at last...!  :)
  • Turning milder, wetter and windier for the next couple of weeks. 

    A line of depressions are heading our way, there could be some travel disruption so keep tuned to BBC and Met Office forecasts if you've got plans.
  • And yes, I appreciate there's been a lot of travel disruption without rain and gales. 
  • Mind you we have had only 36mm of rain since Dec 1st. 
  • Summary of Winter in Wivenhoe. Only 56% of the average rainfall however.

  • Hopefully this week's rainfall will replenish our water table. It would have been an half-decent summer if we'd had the same set-up from May to August. Typical. 
  • Summary for March 2017
    Temperature (°C):
    Mean (min+max)   9.8
    Mean Minimum     5.3
    Mean Maximum     14.3
    Minimum          0.4 day 16
    Maximum          21.0 day 30
    Highest Minimum  11.7 day 19
    Lowest Maximum   8.7 day 03
    Air frosts       0

    Rainfall (mm):
    Total for month  24.9
    Wettest day      4.2 day 08
    Rain days        14
    Dry days         17
    Wind (mph):
    Highest Gust     29.8 day 02
    Average Speed    5.3

    Pressure (mb):
    Maximum          1021.1 day 24
    Minimum          971.6 day 05

  • No rain now for nearly three weeks. 
  • And doesn't my garden know it...   :(
  • Water butts are pretty much empty. 
  • The BBC are making it worse by talking about rain - but it never seems to arrive.
  • Started raining now....
  • Well, it's laid the dust, but that's really all...
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    Hot few days as the high pressure moves to the East... Looking unsettled from Monday though.

  • Yes, low pressure takes over next week but there's some uncertainty about the timing of the breakdown to cooler weather.

    Fingers crossed for a decent thunderstorm.
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    Summary for April 2017

    Temperature (°C):
    Mean (1 minute)  10.1
    Mean (min+max)   10.6
    Mean Minimum     5.5
    Mean Maximum     15.6
    Minimum          0.3 day 27
    Maximum          23.0 day 09
    Highest Minimum  8.7 day 30
    Lowest Maximum   9.6 day 26
    Air frosts       0

    Rainfall (mm):
    Total for month  9.6
    Wettest day      6.0 day 26
    Rain days        7
    Dry days         23

    Wind (mph):
    Highest Gust     22.8 day 26
    Average Speed    5.0
    Gale days        0

    Pressure (mb):
    Maximum          1026.8 day 19
    Minimum          988.3 day 30

    Summary for May 2017

    Temperature (°C):
    Mean (1 minute)  14.1
    Mean (min+max)   14.8
    Mean Minimum     9.7
    Mean Maximum     19.9
    Minimum          6.2 day 11
    Maximum          27.7 day 16
    Highest Minimum  14.8 day 30
    Lowest Maximum   10.9 day 03
    Air frosts       0

    Rainfall (mm):
    Total for month  43.8
    Wettest day      14.7 day 18
    Rain days        14
    Dry days         17

    Wind (mph):
    Highest Gust     22.1 day 16
    Average Speed    5.4
    Gale days        0

    Pressure (mb):
    Maximum          1028.4 day 24
    Minimum          983.8 day 12

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