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water hyacinth

I've just dug this up from my too-small pond.  Would it be suitable for the wildlife pond or would anyone like it?  It has quite a big root with many tendrils. I'm in Belle Vue Road.


  • Please don't put it in the wildlife pond, or anywhere in the wild. Lovely though it is to look at, water hyacinth is an aggressively invasive species in warmer parts of the world, and potentially heading that way here.
  • A big ecological thumbs up for the forum - spreading useful information.
  • Thank you Chris, it did grow to rather alarming proportions!
  • Update on water hyacinth: yesterday I came across the attached

    It is a recent regulation which bans the cultivation, sale, exchange or release of several water plants which are already or at risk of becoming damaging invasive weeds in Europe. Note that you are legally OK if you have it in your garden and you take all reasonable steps to contain it....
  • @jeanmcneil congratulations on your good sense for asking the question!!
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