Fair Lent Challenge, Colchester Foodbank.

Hi. The Colchester Foodbank is issuing a challenge for people to experience living for 3 days on an average parcel from the Foodbank. You'll get the whole food bank experience, from receiving a voucher to collecting your parcel. We expect hard-up families to live on this, can you? All we ask is a donation to roughly cover the cost of the food in the pack, around £20 - £25.

If you're interested, go on to the Foodbank Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Foodbank-Fair-Lent-Challenge-411376752404765/, or email us on info@colchester.foodbank.org.uk, putting 'I'm in' in the subject heading. You'll get more information there.


  • I'm in! I'll report back on how it goes.Any other Wivenhoe folk going to try?
  • This is one to think about for lent perhaps - not as hard as 40 days with no chocolate! 
  • The collection dates are Thurs 18th, Mon 22nd and Sat 27th February, so best get going! The email is info@colchesterfoodbank.org.uk. I think I accidentally put a dot in the wrong place in the first post, so my apologies if anyone's been trying and failing to get through.
  • The correct email that I got a response from is:




    Don't be put off!
    The Food Bank answered me promptly and were very friendly.

  • Oh Crikey! I'm getting in a real muddle, aren't I! Best go with my first post, not my correction! Thanks, Charmaine.
  • Just a gentle reminder not to email me personally. Please use the Foodbank email and put 'I'm in' in the subject heading.
  • Please note........

    Jeannette Hewes from Colchester Foodbank will be making a presentation on Friday evening 7.30pm on the 31st March at the 'Food For Thought' Banquet'. [seperate thread on this started by Glyn]

    She will also be at the congregational church on Saturday, April 1st (TBA) handing out the fair lent challenge parcels, so that participants don't have to travel into town! Please try to support either or both events if you can. Details can be found on the post above this.

    Pauline, it would be nice to get in touch please send me a pm and we can introduce ourselves. Rev Jus.
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