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Some time this afternoon, the system files for the forum were damaged by a known bug in the software, which resulted in a database corruption.

This means I've unfortunately had to roll the forum back to the latest backup we have, which fortunately was Sunday 1st November at 00:00 GMT.

I'd like to apologise to anyone who's lost any posts from Sunday or Monday, but our regular backup schedule has meant the damage is limited to just a couple of days.

As always, if you notice any bugs or issues, please post them in the bug thread.

Thanks for your understanding.


  • Huge thanks to @Mike_ for sorting out the database. The outage also means that any new users from the past couple of days will also need to register once again.

    Apologies to AlisonS, RH, geenut and quay5.
  • @Jason I was actually able to salvage the user tables, so new registrations from Sunday and Monday should still be able to log in.
  • Much appreciated @Mike. & thanks to @Jason for bothering to keep it going. Must have been a great temptation.  ;-)
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