Love Letter to Wivenhoe

Dearest Wivenhoe,

I am writing to you today, with a true mixture of emotions, in this letter, the first of a tree part correspondence. Sadness, regret, admiration, pride, loyalty and wonder. Words, that as I sit here in my South Essex bolt hole (it's a totally different kettle of fish down 'ere!) with a little distance and relative perspective, literally cause my heart to ache and my chest to rise and fall deeply. I feel deeply through this life but geographically only San Francisco comes close to arousing the passion I feel for this special, special, beautiful place. Words such as 'literally' and 'special' are over used but believe me when I write them and express with emphasis. This letter will be composed in three parts so that I can fully use my lexicon as Wivenhoe deserves a love letter without risk of misread meaning behind words in anyway glib, pastiche or cliche.

It is is with sadness that I write because I have to leave............................................

But before I go I want to let you know, from the top to the bottom, everything about you that I Love about you and everything I can to explain,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
(gotta catch that bank holiday bus in the rain now, wish me luck, it's remote round these parts! To Be Cont...)


  • Where have you gone Joe? Will you be back? We're missing you already.
  • Sounds like Simon & Garfunkel singing 'Mrs Robinson', "where have you gone Jo..."...?
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