Colne Radio gets a Community Radio licence from OFCOM

Announced today by OFCOM, Colne Radio has been awarded a 5 year Community Radio licence to broadcast from the Wivenhoe area to the surrounding towns and villages.

We now have 2 years to get the aerial mast installed, raise a horrendous amount of money to have new broadcast equipment installed, and to get live "on air".

Colne Radio will need the support of many more volunteers to help with the day to day running of the station, so if you feel that you can help out in any way, then please do contact us.

Here's to the future - Colne FM is here to stay!


  • Excellent news and a particular well done to all of those behind the scenes who've worked tirelessly to make this happen.

    Another way to support this lovely little radio station is to tune in and listen here...

    I think we should set up a thread on here informing the community of what's on the station and when.

  • Congratulations on this excellent news. The Wivenhoe Society is pleased to be associated with and a supporter of Colne Radio.

    Bob Needham. Chair of Wivenhoe Society.

  • Brilliant. How will it be funded?
  • By generous donations and fundraising events hopefully. 
  • I noticed an aerial mast has to be installed.  Is this something big or is it something little?  Where will it go?
  •  Sounds great for all our town. I shall and make my own input.
    Can we all help in the servicing of a Fm station. ?
  • It'll be a huge mast, bigger than Crystal Palace with neon signs.
  • Then what an amazing advertisement for Colne Radio! Everyone for miles around will be talking about it.
  • Ask a simple question - get a silly answer; par for the forum?
  • Ooh - that's a bit harsh. Sometimes silly questions get sensible answers - much to the disappointment of all hoping for some more entertaining dialogue.

    I have seen some interesting ways of integrating and disguising aerials within tall buildings or trees (sometime artificial ones like the one at Mountnessing near the A12). I am sure this could easily be done as long as the Planning Gestapo play ball.
  • When I'm in charge a radio mast will be the least of the skyline changes. Wind turbines as far as the eye can see.
  • Some information would be good.  I know nothing about FM technology and and do not know if the aerial is just a two foot antenna somewhere or whether it is something taller.  In the neighbourhood plan survey, although people complained about poor mobile phone reception the majority voted against a booster mast.
  • What about an existing phone mast? Or the transmitters on the Uni towers?
  • I'll be honest, I have no idea of what sort of mast would be needed. I can't imagine it's going to be huge.

    I would think that no-one in Wivenhoe would object to a modest-sized mast for a community radio station and, if they do, they are going to receive some pretty forthright advice on how to get a life from me.

  • Would the flood warning tower be sufficient?
  • Probably too close to sea level. It'll need to be around the highest point possible in or near Wivenhoe. I understand that a site has been identified but I can't remember whether it's official or even set in stone yet (not literally).

    It will be well away from the conservation area, I do know that much.

  • Call me old fashioned but most folk nowadays are turning to DAB (digital audio broadcasting) radios in cars and on phones, internet etc so why spend a lot of money on what will in the future be an old disused technology?
  • FM will be around for at least 10 years. Dab is getting superceded by Internet radio
  • Where are you getting this information from as I don't think it is correct?
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