New to Wivenhoe - In need of yoga and other exercise classes


I've just moved to Wivenhoe and would like to start a yoga class here. I went to a brilliant mindfulness session on Thursday, but just wondering if there are other classes run on different days. 

Is there a Zumba class at all? 

Just looking to relax and get fit this summer! 

Thank you, 



  • Marion Connell runs a few classes. Find her on facebook. There's Zumba at the William Loveless hall on a Monday night. I think it's Pilates before that session but I'm not sure of times. Then on Tuesday it's legs, bums and tums at 9.30. And she runs one on Friday I think it's a bit of yoga and Pilates, but I'm not sure. I go to the Tuesday morning session. High energy and great fun!

  • Oh wonderful, thank you so much! I'm glad there's a morning session. I'll look her up now :) 
  • Sara McCaskey is a brilliant yoga teacher, and runs classes during the day (Thursday at the Sailing Club) and on Monday & Tuesday evenings at the Methodist Church. She's on 07908 645430 &  She's easily the best teacher I've ever had!
  • Zumba at Broomgrove school. Wednesday evening. 6.30 £5. It's a very good class.
  • Oh I forgot Metafit which is after Wednesday zumba £4 for 25 minutes of hell. But I love it :-)
    Zumba Liarna Colchester - find her on Facebook :-)
  • I agree with @puffin... Sarah's classes are fab. Check them out if you can.
  • Oh thank you so much all of you :) I'll have a look now! 
  • Have you considered rowing Robbsybelle? Great exercise, see the town and more from the river, a friendly and social group of people of varying ages an equal mix of women and men. Look for WivGigs Rowing Club on Facebook or mail us at You would be very welcome to have a go at no charge to see if you like it.
  • By the way, that goes for anyone. It's wonderful out on the river now that summer is here.
  • Hey -
    With summer on the way, what better way to get in shape than a consultation with a REPS level 3 Qualified Personal trainer!
    Based in Wivenhoe,but happy to travel to the local areas to offer you support with Weight Management, Personal Training sessions and General Fitness. Great introductory offers.
    KONRADT FITNESS is here!! For more information and to book your 1st session, please call Richard Smith 07946679019
  • Is there a central location/publication/place to go to find out about all these wonderful and diverse sporting activities and classes mentioned here?
  • Not really, though this Forum, our quarterly (excellent) newsletter 'Wivenhoe News', and posters in the Newsagent & Post Office windows will provide you with loads of choice.
    You can also use the 'search' facility at the top right of this site's homepage to track down stuff you are interested in....?
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