What is this forum for?

Inspired by this thread, I have decided to pose the philosophical teaser, What is this forum really for? Think of it as a bit like the question What have the Roman's ever done for us?

My impression, rightly or wrongly, is that it is to improve communication, encourage sharing and to introduce sections of our community who otherwise might not mingle over sherries. It's at its best when it welcomes even those forms of expression that deviate from the informative and intelligent, the Parish Newsletter announcements or general mithering;  such as humour, foolishness and the occasional dreaded "Off Topic" (even when it's On Topic). 

Anyway back "on topic" - I'm grateful to the forum for helping me advertise my comedy nights and to help publicise other people's events and for keeping me up to date on all the things I'm often too busy to attend in Wivenhoe. I also love seeing pictures of all the birds and wildlife that I would see if me and my other half could get up early enough in the morning or sit patiently and quietly for long enough. I tend to skip the politics and planning threads after a while as they make my brain start fusing. I miss Mike's weather thread. 

I do like popping in (less than I used to, which is probably healthy) as it's another reminder (in addition to poking ones head round the front door) as to what a great friendly, tolerant, inclusive, creative place Wivenhoe can be. So on the whole, I like it here, whilst postings reflect those qualities.

I almost can't remember a Wivenhoe without a forum, what did we all do beforehand? Maybe people went to the pub even more often, but it's all a bit hazy!  :-)


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    If I didn't visit this forum I would still not be aware of the word 'mithering'.

    The forum has a stated remit, but I suspect what each of us gets from it personally may differ.
    As that other anguine Roman said, "we are all individuals". ;-)

  • I'm not! :-)
  • I am a huge fan of the forum as it is almost my only source of knowing what is going on in Wivenhoe.  I still miss a lot though as i don't live near a noticeboard.

    It has also been incredibly useful in starting my walking group.  So a big thank you to Jason.
  • "what a great friendly, tolerant, inclusive, creative place Wivenhoe can be"

    Thank you Hazel for helping me sum up in my little mind why Wivenhoe ticks all the boxes for me.
    Kinda strange and wonderful - (my addition to complete the acronym as well as a heartfelt comment).

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    Nice thread, Hazel.

    I echo the thoughts of the posts above.

    It is nice to know that, for the most part, we can have discussions on here where people don't take offence when someone has a different view. The older I get, the less inclined I am to say whether anyone or any thing is right or wrong, or whether a brilliantly persuasive poster is simply being persuasive rather than "correct". It could be argued that a certain Mr Hitler was persuasive but few would say his ideas were "correct".

    I could argue that there is no such thing as fact. It is only (human) perception. After all, you can prove that the world is flat by using a spirit level...

    It has also reinforced my view that Wivenhoe is richly endowed with people of great talent, compassion and wisdom and I feel very lucky to live here.

    One of my late great friends, Bob Miller, would often say of a social cricketer I hadn't yet met that he "...is one of us", meaning that he (or indeed she) ticked all the boxes required to be a good egg; likeable, supportive, objective, fun.

    I get that feeling from living here.

  • I would endorse everything above. Nevertheless, I think that the Forum suffers from time to time from narrow mindedness, nimbyism, resistance to change and intolerance. Recent examples that come to mind are the social housing where the garages used to be and the annual complaints about the university end of year party. It's not all rosy folks but then one would hope that a fair cross section of our population is represented on the Forum and so we should expect a cross section of views and attitudes.
  • Hear hear. In fairness, I think there are a lot of people on this forum with whom you can disagree but still be great friends. That is the great pleasure of being grown up and in a free-ish society...

  • I think the balance of local, national, serious and light-hearted has improved greatly on here of late.
  • Here's an idea and it's a bit crazy.

    When you see a thread that is of no interest, ignore it. Leave it to those who want to discuss whatever the topic is.

    This is a Wivenhoe-based forum and it is in the main about Wivenhoe but I also don't think it's a bad idea to occasionally discuss more global issues here because many global issues do actually feed into to local life, in the end. Not many people would link Wivenhoe, for example, to central government austerity budget cuts to Police services (actually it's not an example, it's happening but I digress). But when there's an incident that the police failed to deal with then that national story does become relevant.

    So, I think the moderators do a fantastic job of keeping a local slant on issues of national importance and long may it continue. Besides, what if a few of us do want to discuss something a little off-topic? So long as we keep it civil, and yes, I know I've erred in that respect in the past.

    Again, if that's not your bag, step away from that thread.

  • Well said Mike. We cannot (or should not) pretent we are somehow insulated from the wider world.

  • It's a shame that a political advantage generally seems to be the object of the comment/post. After all, how often to you hear bad news from politicians, it normally comes from a third party. 
  • I think there's an extremely dangerous situation in society at the moment whereby discussion is dismissed or closed down on the basis that it is politically motivated. For example, I think that non-doms should pay tax. That's not a political statement, it's a moral one. Likewise, we should build more council homes (including here in Wivenhoe). Not a political statement, just a moral and sociological argument. And I am a strong believer in Nuclear non-proliferation too and remain disgusted that most policies made in Westminster benefit only the well-off and powerful.

    Now it happens that two party leaders agree with me, therefore I will support them. But that doesn't make my personal opinions on those subjects political. I have my own mind and opinions thank you very much. If others want to dismiss those opinions as political then that's their mistake.

    As for Ckwiv's comment. Politicians always give us bad news, it's just dressed up in political rhetoric and spoon fed to us in a way that stops us realising that we've been "had".

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