Bug Shack in the wild life garden.

Just to say whilst checking over the Bug shack this morning I found a nest with 3 eggs in, on the top level behind the basket of cones......just be aware not to get too close to the shack at this moment in time. Thank you
Love from the 'land lady'


  • Type of birds involved (obviously illiterate ones)?
  • Who said anything about birds?
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    What else lays eggs in a nest...?
  • Some bugs do lay eggs, so presumably that is what was meant?
  • Snakes?
  • Wow!  Do they have a nest, though...?
    Come on Debs, put us out of our misery...?!!
  • Okay okay, it is a robin (just guessing here) and yes a bird puffin. 3 little brownish coloured eggs in a nest, in the top part of the shack behind the basket of pine cones.
  • Does that mean its a pufin?
  • So, it's an (illiterate) Robin then?  Wonderful!
  • No that was me left a f out
  • Nope, Greenback, it's the robin that's definitely illiterate, 'cos it's nesting in a 'bug shack'...
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