More of Wivenhoe From The Air

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A further selection of aerial pictures of Wivenhoe.

With special thanks to Mr Charles Gooch for allowing me to fly from his land, without which
many of the pictures would not have been possible due to legal restictions of flying closer than
50 metres to people, property, or vehicles.

More Wivenhoe 01
Vanessa Drive on centre right, Endean Court, Dixon Way, and Westlake Crescent in foregound.

More Wivenhoe 02
A wider view, with Broome Grove School near the top on the left.

More Wivenhoe 03
Rectory Road on the left, and the Allotments making a pretty pattern.....

More Wivenhoe 04
The Allotments, Fire Station just off centre, Wivenhoe Cross, and the road out of Wivenhoe.

More Wivenhoe 05
Rectory Road junction with Ernest Road, and the Cross top right.

More Wivenhoe 06
The Cricket Club House, looking South towards the river.

More Wivenhoe 07
Lower Lodge on the left - note the Water Tower.

More Wivenhoe 08
Looking East over the Fire Station, showing Vine Parade shops, The Flag etc.

The Flag in bottom left corner, Vine Parade shops, and the main road into Wivenhoe along the bottom.

More Wivenhoe 10
Heath Road junction, Tower Road on the right, The Cross, Rectory Road, and top of The Avenue.

More Wivenhoe 11
The Fire Station, Vine Parade shops, and surrounding area.

More Wivenhoe 12
View as before of Heath Road junction, but from higher altitude.

More Wivenhoe 13
Heath Road, Tower Road etc., from higher altitude. Sorry about the flare-out from the sun on the right.

More Wivenhoe 14
Dixon Way, Endean Court, Broome Grove School from higher altitude.



  • Thank you, spectacular! 
  • Keith, they're wonderful. Wivenhoe looks so different from the air.
  • Superb stuff Keith!
  • Fantastic pictures, thanks for sharing them Keith  :)
  • Love the pictures, can you redo Dixon Way and Jack Hatch to show extent of tree coppicing?

  • Great photos :)
  • They make me look and look again (and not just for my house!) - just great!
  • I'm reluctant to comment in case it is thought I'm just 'bumping' the topic, but Thank You to everybody for their nice comments.

    They are all very much appreciated.
  • Awesome pics Keith, thanks
  • Fantastic Keith. Thank you so much. Is it possible to print the photos?
  • Thanks @greenback,

    I have not yet printed any of the photographs.  My camera takes video up to 4K, (four times the resolution of HD), or a single shot every three seconds.

    My logic is that I take 75 frames every 3 seconds in video mode rather than one, which gives me better odds of a good shot!!

    The problem is - although the video is superb quality - a single screenshot is not brilliant.  OK for the web, but not for blowing up and printing good quality enlargements.  I'll have to get some printed commercially to investigate how to get the best results. If they are satisfactory I will let you know.

    Thanks for the kind comment.

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    imageA few from my quadcopter (a lot cheaper copter and camera). Both at the end of Henrietta Close

  • In response to the question from @greenback, I have now had all my aerial photographs laser printed commercially.

    The size is 7 1/2 x 5, and they actually look fine.  I wish now I had tried an enlargement.  Obviously I used the original pictures as a source, and not those shown on the Forum, which have been reduced in size and quality. 

    Perhaps I should follow Glyn's idea and go for a calendar for 2016!

  • Great idea Keith, would expect to be loads of takers.
  • I've much enjoyed all these aerial photo's. So easy to relate to them. I like the idea of some prints and/or the calendar.
  • Thats a fantastic idea Keith! 
  • Great idea Keith. On the ceiling in the dentist in the High Street there is a large ariel photo of Wivenhoe in the 80's taken by a friend of mine Les Stockdale. It is a lasting memory of what Wivenhoe used to be like and yours will be the same to future residents.
  • Another sunny afternoon

    Petworth Close in the foreground, Friars Close, Claremont Road & Bowes Road.

    Bowes Farm 02

    Same again but from a higher altitude.

    Bowes Farm 03

    A different angle.

    Bowes Farm 05

    From same location, looking East - Millfields School on the top right.

    Bowes Farm 09

    Rectory Hill on right, Amberley Close, Milford Close, Bowes Road winding on the left.

    Millfields 01

    Wivenhoe Mud!

    Mud 01
  • Have just picked up on this thread. Many congrats Keith on some superb shots! Let's see if it is worth collaborating on the photos...

    I'll drop you a PM.

    By the way, I wondered if this aerial commuter might have been you earlier today...imageimage
  • The Wivenhoe mud photo, perfectly catches the base of the WW2 landing craft which was under construction in Wivenhoe. On the opposite side of the river is another example, you can see the metal plate at the bow which housed the landing ramp
  • Great photos Keith. I managed to get some pics at great height at the uni this evening.
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    It is a standard lens @wivenhoebouy, but looking down at an angle the various definition settings of 'wide angle', 'narrow angle' all have an effect on the picture according to the resolution.

    Looking straight down there is no distortion, looking directly straight ahead there is no distortion.

    I have noticed that a 45 degree angle, (best at this time of the year when the sun is low in the sky), can create a horizon distortion at high resolution.  It can be eliminated by changing the resolution, but the quality of the ground picture is my main target.  I'm still experimenting.  There are so many camera options!

    With regard to the height/distance, my aircraft has a range of more than two kilometres, including upwards, but at that distance you can't see it!  As far as height goes the maximum allowed for any UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), is 400 feet.  It is also a legal requirement that you have 'line of sight' to the aircraft.  It is possible to fly using the ground monitor alone, but then you need a 'spotter'.  There are pages and pages of CAA rules which if broken will invalidate my insurance.

    This brings up the sore point of somebody being able to walk into a shop and buy this equipment, and fly with no experience, no knowledge of the rules, and no insurance.  This is usually where the 'bad press' originates. 

    The maximum height used in any of my photographs has been in the region of 200 feet.

  • I have some photos from a Ryan air plane at approx 10k feet.
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    A lovely sunny morning looking down from behind Walter Radcliffe Road.

    From WR Road - 01

    Looking up-river.

    From WR Road - 02

    Anglesea Road and beyond.

    From WR Road - 03

    The same but from a higher altitude.

    From WR Road - 04
  • More great stuff, Keith. Doesn't the Cook's development look like Toytown?!  Amazing...
  • Another lovely evening too good to miss. Some estuary shots just before sunset yesterday.

    Sea Wall - 06

    Sea Wall - 05

    Sea Wall - 01
  • Great quality of light...
  • I really appreciate seeing your ariel photos, Keith; it's another amazing dimension of Wivenhoe that most of us don't see. Thank you!  I have some ariel shots that were taken about 10 years ago over the woodlands and the marshes and the houses overlooking them. It would be really interesting to see some photos taken today to compare! (If it's not too cheeky to suggest....) what awesome sunsets we've been having - 

  • Keith, for some reason your reply to me has come through on my email?! It's a nice idea to put my photos up on the Forum, but I'm not sure that I know how.... I'll try! 
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