Consultation and Community Engagement group (C&CE)

Communication and Community Engagement Group

Is discussing the risks to the
Neighbourhood Plan:

  • Perceived lack of transparency
  • Perception that the plan is 'always the same people'
  • Need to maintain engagement of residents

proposing ways of:

  • Promoting
  • Recruiting members of groups and maintaining an open door to public
    observers and potential new members
  • Consulting
    and engaging
We are planning to meet again on Friday 20th March at a time to suit most people - if you would like to join us.



  • Another useless political exercise 
  • There will be a 'pop-up' stall by the memorial gardens on Saturday and Sunday during Open Gardens where you may want to discuss the progress of writing the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan.
  • A document will go before the NP Steering Group mtg on Thursday 14th May to update on the progress of the Land Use Zoning group.  
    The LUZ group will then prepare a document for public release and consultation about the number of extra dwellings Wivenhoe should take for organic growth, where those dwellings might be located and what type of homes these might be, plus what community benefits Wivenhoe should be looking for from this extra development.
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    More news from the C&CE group: Do come and see us today and tomorrow outside the Jubilee Garden/Scout Hall

    The Process of compiling our Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan, step by step

    Questionnaire to all households.

    2. Collation of
    all views obtained during first consultation period.

    3. Building
    the evidence base. Smaller Working Groups start work on individual

    4. Formulation of
    VISION and POLICY proposals for Wivenhoe,

    5. Public meetings and consultation

    6. Refinement
    of proposals on basis of consultation responses received.

    7. Objectives finalised.

    8. Creation of Communication and
    Community Engagement Group – Pop-Ups arranged to talk to public

     -------------------------------we are here, awaiting final draft of
    the following  -------

    9. Strategic Environmental Assessment
    report written. Passed to consultants to finalise.

    10. Scoring from Land Use
    Zoning Group

    11. Preferred sites identified


     12. C & CE group Publicise the final drafts of information above.

    13. Consultation day on preferred
    sites and all reports to inform final plan document

    14. Steering
    group draws up draft Plan

    15. Write up
    by Consultant

    Pre-submission consultation

    17. Draft
    Plan submitted to CBC Planning authority

    Independent examination

    19. Referendum if the Plan
    is found to comply with all key legal requirements 


    Plan has legal authority, though it must comply with
    the constraints of Colchester Plans and planning laws.


  • Thank you from all of the C&CE group for your participation and discussion at the Pop-up stall in the very successful and delightful Open Gardens.
    Today there will be a pop-up outside Millfields school.
    The next big stall event will be at the Regatta on June 6th.
    There will be a consultation Day at William Loveless Hall on July 11th where all the maps and details will be displayed and you will have time to examine, think, discuss and feedback on the preferred land use zoning including residential sites.
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    C&CE group together with Steering group and helpers will be at the Wivenhoe Regatta on Saturday 6th June with the latest from the Land Use and Zoning Group.  
    New report for consideration of all residents showing suggested sites for a small amount of housing development during the 17 years of the plan.
  • Latest from Communication and Community Engagement Group

    The website is being revamped to make it simpler and easier
    to follow, including a timeline to show how things are progressing. This has a
    new feedback form.

    There will be a stall at the Regatta to share the
    recommended sites for modest and suitable residential development proposed as
    part of the plan.

    There will be a whole day consultation on July 11th
    at William Loveless Hall to set out and hear feedback on the recommendations of
    the Land Use Zoning group on housing sites and other development plans.

  • At the WNP Regatta stall leaflets will be available that show the sites where new housing in Wivenhoe could go, and the reasons for their preference.
    The leaflet can also be downloaded from the website now.

    On Saturday 6 June WNP group members will be on hand to talk about the housing topic at the WNP stall on the Quay.

  • This is the leaflet available on the Quay and contains the recommendations of the group considering where best to allow housing to be built over the next 17 years.
    Much more discussion on July 11th at William Loveless, but feedback here or on the website about what additional information will be useful to you.
  • Disappointed on the sites selected are all in the Cross. Surely there is other sites that could be considered. For example by Millfields and Ballast Quay?
  • My understanding is that the areas around Millfields and Ballast Quay are part of the Coastal Defence Belt to allow water run off into the Colne Estuary, and that to build here would increase the risk of flooding further inland.
  • I was wondering why someone had been doing all they can to block the traditional public access into the fields behind Croquet Gardens from Rectory Road. This access had been used by Wivenhovians for at least 50 years, and now it seems that we are at risk of losing it.
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    Potential development?  Enhancing the chances of this by getting rid of a popular access...??
      Who is the landowner?
  • Update on behalf of the Communication and Community Engagement Group:

    The stall at Wivenhoe Regatta attracted a great deal of interest and feedback was mainly positive on the modest plans for increases to residential housing and the reasons for the sites recommended.

    At a meeting with Planning Aid, England on June 22nd the high importance of making sure all residents are engaged with the writing of the plan was again emphasised, so further opportunities to feedback have been tailored to include a full cross-section.

    A pop-up stall is planned for the Broome Grove Schools' fete on Friday July 3rd from 5.30 to 8.30pm. The Consultation Day on Residential Housing is planned  at William Loveless Hall on July 11th from 11am to 3pm. A pop-up stall will be held from 12 noon to 4 pm at the Wivenhoe Summer Fete on King George V field.

  • @Mottza
    Other sites were considered. The flyer would have been too long if all the reasons for this selection had been put in but ALL the information will be available for discussion at the 11 July consultation in the William Loveless hall.
  • The Land Use Zoning Group leaflet comes to some pretty banal conclusions - effectively limiting development to four sites, and some prioritised property types. This feels a long way from what I understood to be the purpose of the plan - allowing "communities to prepare their own planning policies and site allocations in the shape of Neighbourhood Plans". The implication seems to be that the Land Use Zoning Group has accepted that a single developer will take a single site, and it's a matter of playing with the parameters of what they can be allowed to do. I can't see anything on measures to prevent single developer domination of sites, encouraging single property sites, or the creation of a self-build policy (allocation of percentages of homes, or even self build zones - which would be enormously helpful in allowing people to afford somewhere to live).

    Going back to the top of this thread, did these things ever get proposed? There's nothing on the website.

    Communication and Community Engagement Group (C&CE)
    "And proposing ways of:
    • Promoting transparency
    • Recruiting members of groups and maintaining an open door to public observers and potential new members
    • Consulting and engaging"
  • Interesting comments, Tobermory, which I think it would be very helpful to explore.  I will pass them back to the LUZ.  The leaflet is not the whole story, a much larger document is available.

    The information is being brought into the public domain by this group and at every stage the public have been welcomed to join or observe meetings through the website and other media.

    Have you been to group meetings or consultation days?  

    The re-vamped website should be live within a week and it will be easier to find all the proposals and detailed documents on there.  It also has a very prominent feedback 'button'
  • @tobermory
    There is a lot on the website, too much, maybe...

    Among the plethora of documents there are:
    The results of the town wide survey in 2013/14;
    The Vision & Objectives statement following the November 2014 public consultation.

    The proposals by Land Use Zoning group are based on this and other evidence gathered in the community and a rolling log has been kept of all community consultation from December 2012.
  • Tobermory mentions self build.  The survey did ask a question about this and there was some support for it.  Self build can mean different things.  At one extreme an individual buys a plot and commissions a house to be built on it to their own design.  An intermediate set-up is where an individual buys a plot and does some of the work on the house themselves. Another scenario is where a group of individuals buy an area for several houses and do some of the work collectively according to the skills they have.  Is there an appetite for this last sort of self build scheme in Wivenhoe?   It requires enthusiasm and organizing.

    Of the landowners who have put forward sites it is likely that all but one would wish to sell their land to a developer if they were able to get planning permission.  It might be possible to negotiate some of a site being sold to a self build consortium or as individual plots but this would have to be by negotiation and this is not something the neighbourhood plan can dictate.  One of the requirements of a neighbourhood plan is that it has to be deliverable.  I do not think the plan can say that a site can only be developed if it is sold for a self build scheme though if there is evidence to the contrary then do let the LUZ group know, as the group is sympathetic to the idea of self build.
  • C&CE met today to continue planning for July 11th Consultation Day.
    IN the meanwhile, there will be a pop-up stall at Broome Grove schools' fete, so do come and talk with volunteers there, between 5.30 and 8pm
  • Good news regarding the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan.  There are several strands which have to be completed before the whole thing is approved and one of them is Scoping Report to demonstrate how its plan or order will contribute to achieving sustainable development.
    The scoping report has been completed and is now available on the website www.
  • Please let the group know if you can help on Friday night or Saturday 11th July in setting up, taking down, or general hospitality.  Thank you.
  • Or if you can come along tomorrow from 12 to 3
  • Great discussions at the Consultation weekend and the consultation maps are up on the website in case there is more to say.  The draft plan is in the hands of a consultant to put it into planner English before it is sent to the statutory bodies.  Land Use and Zoning group will be looking at the first draft and by the second or third this too will be on the website for consideration.
  • Tonight WTC will be briefed on the progress so far of the Neighbourhood Plan - as the process is under their executive responsibility.  Well, the news is that a first draft of the plan has been produced and is being revised by a working group for that purpose and will soon be published as a working document.  The communication and community engagement group will continue to plan and ensure ways to keep you informed and to incorporate your feedback into the revisions of the plan.
    Keep an eye on the website, all working documents are made available here

  • The Draft Neighbourhood Plan, version 8, has been forwarded to Colchester Borough Council for an informal review to ensure that it meets the statutory requirements and sits within the Colchester Local Plan without contradiction.

    Steering group are hoping to have a version ready for public consultation soon and C&CE will advertise its presence on the forum and around the town – look out for it!

  • Does anyone know the likely date of publication?
  • The whole Neighbourhood Plan exercise seems quite remote at present.  Clearly people are working on it but since I always thought that it was intended to be coming up from the community it would be nice to have more idea of what is being assembled in our name.  Having a consultation or referendum when everything has been basically signed, sealed and delivered is not the same.
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    That's a little harsh @queenie. Regular updates have been published in various places online, plus the NP website is kept up to date.

    The open meetings have a genuine invite for all residents.

    I seem to remember that you made a similar point some time ago. You were reminded that you would be most welcome to attend a meeting, or even better, become involved in the process.
  • I've read all the published documents and made contributions at an early stage in particular with regard to the Conservation Area and heritage assets in the town. I've attended the consultations. I've submitted comments.

    My main concern is that in spite of some of the good work carried out by the Steering Group the whole process is being stage managed by CBC; the bottom line being that the Neighbourhood Plan will not be accepted unless it complies with CBC strictures, and in particular agrees to unwanted new development in the town in spite of the fact that the infrastructure cannot cope with any more housing and the town is already choked with cars.
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